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Managing Spam

Jeffrey VanOuwerkerk - Monday, April 11, 2011

What is Spam?

Def. Spam or Junk mail: Any unwanted, and usually unsolicited mail you receive.

What can you do about Spam?

Use a spam filter. Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, Kerkian Consulting webmail online and most personal computer based mail programs like Outlook, Entourage, Mail and Thunderbird all have Spam filters and settings you can customize. 

Online services like Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and Kerkian Consulting webmail have built in spam filters. The settings for your Spam filter are generally nondescript terms like "default", "normal", "medium" and "high". Depending on the online services these filters can be further customized.

A great thing about using Online services is that they usually work with a thing call a "Whitelist" and a "Blacklist". There are internet White and Black lists that help ID spam. Marking something as Spam with these services can add that senders address to the Spam list in cases of inappropriate messages of a sexual or violent nature.

If you are using an Internet Spam Filter in combination with POP3 access to access your email through a personal computer based mail program a common oversight is not checking the online Spam filter.
The Online service maybe routing your messages to a Spam folder before they are downloaded to your computer email program.
The impact: Not knowing what the system is listing as Spam - You might miss an important message.

The solution is to either turn off the filter or have the spam filter email sent to the inbox on the web based email system.

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