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Here you'll find useful information to assist you in setting up your web business, getting your non-profit going, establishing workflows for customers, automating business tasks with you website and much more.

Websites vs. Web Businesses

Jeffrey VanOuwerkerk - Friday, May 07, 2010
Why do I need a "web business"?
If you're asking that question then you're in good company.  Many small business owners are concerned about the additional costs associated with a web business, especially if they already have a web-site.

Web-sites are cheap for a reason.

Already have a web-site. . .  How much traffic is it getting? Is it providing you with new sales leads? Does the site have a back-end database that tracks your customers.  Can you create "work-flows" that enable you to send welcome e-mails and follow-up emails on a timed basis? What kind of Marketing Campaigns does your website support? How about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

You may have other services, like a constant contact marketing service.  How much time do you spend maintaining the data, creating the marketing messages? Is your constant contact data linked in with your website, contact us pages, web-store or customer support site.

If you're like most business owners, these tasks get pushed to the back burner until it's time for the quarterly or monthly newsletter-- then it's a mad dash to get it all done, or worse, it doesn't get done at all.

Sure your website has great tools... Are they integrated? Easy to use? 

I started my business as a website. Even as a web developer these tools were complicated and difficult to maintain.

Time is money!

So how much is your time worth?

For business, there really is only one solution.  An integrated site that doesn't require a programmer to maintain it. 

Look around, check out the video on the home page or take a detailed walk-through of the services.  

Create a 30-day trial, with no obligation to buy and no credit card required for the trial, you can test drive the site and when you're ready to go live, you can upgrade your account and you're in business.