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Text Messaging - PC to Cell Phone

Jeffrey VanOuwerkerk - Friday, May 28, 2010
Sending the customer an email using email to text messaging technology.

In this article:
We will be discussing the use of cell phone numbers in the email for customers that don't have email.

Legal Disclaimer:

This article is for general purposes only and may be used as a high level guide to other resources on the web. No information contained may be construed as legal advice or guidance. Your state or local authorities may have additional information. As always, when filing legal or tax documents you should have them reviewed by counsel or a tax professional.

So you have a customer that needs to receive reminders, but they don't have an email address.
There are different ways you can accomplish this goal. By far the easiest way, and the cheapest, is to send the customers email to their cell phone number like [10-digits]

Their are 3 basic steps you'll want to complete to set this up:
  • Know the customers cell phone provider
  • Type in the primary e-mail address for the customer the 10-digit phone number the "@" symbol and the providers email to text portal.  e.g. - Here is a list we've compiled for you.
  • Setup a text only email list. (This is important as most providers won't convert an HTML message to a text message.

Sending a customer a text message from your website

Using this method, the customer will not receive Newsletters or other HTML messages.  The technology functions much like a text message:
  • The customer may incur a usage fee for text messages from their cell phone provider. (We don't charge for using the above method, however cell phone providers do charge their customers for text messages.  Several customers have unlimited texts and this isn't a concern for them - but you will want to make sure that your customer you their permission.
  • Our list of providers e-mail messages is based on internet and provider research. Providers are notorious for changing this information without notification, so be sure to follow-up with customers and make sure they are receiving your text message reminders.
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