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Working with Volunteer Organizations

Jeffrey VanOuwerkerk - Thursday, March 31, 2011
One of the most fulfilling aspects of this business is the people we meet. Kerkian Consulting began working with Humanity Road, Inc., a non-profit digital disaster relief organization on February of 2011. 

We began developing a new website that we where able to launch in just 1 week.  Though the hours were very long, it is some of the best work we have done. It is truly a global organization.

Our focus has been on providing tools on the website to meet the needs of Humanity Road volunteers. We developed a Volunteer Portal allowing volunteers to search by skill set for others that are interested in working on disaster relief linking need with interest and skill.

  • Because volunteers are central to the organization, we designed tools to allow volunteers to post public facing profiles with a picture right on the site. 
Twitter is used to get the word out during a disaster. Coordinating and communicating to the public is a primary goal of Humanity Road. Kerkian Consulting incorporated the Humanity Road twitter feed on the home page of the site and created a twitter feed in the volunteer portal for our volunteers to see the most current volunteer communications.
  • Next steps:  testing Twitter feed search criteria - creating pages that monitor Twitter and continually search for key disaster relief phrases all over the world. 
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