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501c3 Volunteer Organization


501c3 Volunteer Organization

Project Description:

This Web Business is a solution for managing volunteers, lead acquisition, Monthly Newsletters, Volunteer On-Boarding, Virtual Bulletin Board, On-line News, Forums, Blogs and Feedback.

With this Web business you have the ability to create Blogs, loyalty campaigns, manage billing and book events setting capacity limits, according to your guidelines.

This business includes a login section with 3 distinct portals- Each fully customizable.
  • Volunteer Services Portal
  • Board Member Portal
  • Training Portal
The Volunteer Services Portal provides your volunteers the ability to review their upcoming events, web-form correspondence history, participate in forums, access literature you upload and provide feedback on events with automatic event reminder's and  feedback requests. Included in this portal:
  • Menu for Volunteers to Manager their user account details, 
  • Subscription services, 
  • Public profile
  • Internal Volunteer Profile
  • Volunteer Search Directory
  • Twitter Feed for Volunteers
The Board Member Portal allows your Board Members a place to easily login to the site, view board member specific events, request event bookings for meetings, coordinate planned actions, and read the latest Board Member News.

The Training Portal grants access to secure training content educating the volunteers on the organization, tools, and how to get involved.

The Ushahidi Map Directory is by far one of our most popular applications.  If your familiar with CraigsList™ or other directory services, then you'll find this application familiar as well.  This allows your visitors to post their own Maps or other web content to a bulletin board, including easy drop down menu support for searches and setting's for geo-preference - this tools turns your Organizations Web Site into a dynamic web directory and information source.


Customized Twitter Feeds; Volunteer Portal with Public Profile update; Volunteer Database for Volunteers Only; Training Secure; Board Member Secure Zone; Events Calendar; Forums; Blogs; Event Diary; Guest Book